Insurance and Annuity Strategies and Implementation



An intrical part of our BentleyView® process is to assess the status of our clients' insurance and annuity coverage to determine if their current financial risks are properly supported and that previously implemented solutions are still providing their intended benefits.

Over the past several years we have seen a dramatic change in life insurance and annuity products and the economics that affect their industry.

These economic conditions include forty year lows in interest rates, significant drops in the markets, and increased mortality costs in older life insurance policies. These changes may have had a significant impact on previously implemented solutions.Clients may not even be aware of these issues and the potential problems those risks present. Nor are they aware of the opportunities new product solutions may provide to them.


A simple insurance / annuity review will assess the following:

Are your current policies meeting their originally intended expectations both short and long term?

  • Income replacement?
  • Estate liquidity?
  • Wealth transfer?

Are your insurance policies in jeopardy of lapse or of requiring higher premiums than expected just to remain in-force?

Is there an opportunity to significantly enhance your life insurance portfolio by either reducing premiums, or by providing longer, guaranteed death benefits?

Is there an opportunity to significantly enhance your annuity portfolio by either lowering costs, increasing death benefits or obtaining guaranteed income solutions?


The issues are clear. Most clients who have purchased life insurance or annuities more than 5 years ago should have a detailed assessment performed to assure that their portfolio is meeting their expectations and will be in-force when they need it most. A detailed analysis will give you a current assessment as well as a clearer vision into the future.

**Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuer.