Investment Advisory Services


Bentley Wealth Advisor's program is designed to provide you with an orderly, disciplined approach to the investment process. We offer you a personalized program for investing with customized portfolios and consolidated account performance reporting - all the elements you and your Bentley Wealth advisor need to help preserve and grow your wealth while managing for acceptable levels of risk. Our program involves a four-step process to ensure your investment portfolio is designed and monitored to meet your personal financial goals. 


1.  Develop Your Investor Profile

First, we will work with you to develop your investor profile. This process begins with an in-depth discussion designed to define your investment objectives, project your time horizon, and assess your risk tolerance. Based on your profile, your advisor will then share with you a comprehensive investment plan for diversifying your assets in the most appropriate manner. You will receive a personalized Investment Policy Statement – your blueprint for your customized program.


2.  Determine an Asset Allocation Model

Asset allocation is an investment discipline that apportions your investment dollars among specific categories of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. By allocating your portfolio among various assets classes and money managers, you may benefit from a diversified strategy that seeks to reduce volatility and increase the profitability of attaining your investment objectives. Asset allocation and rebalancing – not market timing or stock selection – is the primary determinant of variation in portfolio returns. 


3.  Implement the Program

Once your appropriate asset allocation is determined, Bentley Wealth Advisors has a number of implementation methods to utilize. We utilize several platforms that hold mutual funds, stocks, bonds, alternative investments, and structured products. Depending on your individual needs, we may use active money managers, a passive strategy or a combination of both.  



4.  Monitor Your Progress

Frequent monitoring of your program is just as important as establishing one. You will receive a comprehensive performance report each quarter that provides an analysis of the investment results of your individual investment managers and your portfolio as a whole in relation to appropriate benchmarks. While we actively monitor your portfolio internally, you will meet with your Bentley Wealth advisor periodically to discuss your  portfolio - but more importantly your entire financial situation.